The Team

Hardex Hardware Plus - The Team

Our Professional team to assist you

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Gary is our Store Manager
Over twenty years experience in the Hardware industry as well as a broad life experiences generally. You will find Gary always friendly and willing to assist you with helpful hints and fast effective service.

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Donna is our Senior Shop Assistant
Over eighteen years experience in the Hardware industry , Donna has been at this Store for all of those eighteen years. You will find Donna is friendly and very knowledgeable of nearly all our products and many of the products of our suppliers that we may not have at this time. Just ask! I am sure Donna will be able to help.

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Nathan is our Junior Shop Assistant
Nathan is just starting out in the Hardware industry, like any of our new trainees or Juniors, you will find they are eager to please, hardworking, but still have a lot to experience and learn. All our trainees benefit significantly from the experience with us. You will find Nathan is very friendly and will try to assist you in anyway possible way. If he canít help you he will find somebody who can.

Agro and Rocky
Agro, the one on the left has been with the store for as long as Donna, 18 years
Agro is like his name, friendly until you get close, and then tries to disfigure whatever flesh he can get hold of.
Agro has also been a good watch bird. (see News)

Rocky is a more recent addition he is a lot more friendly and is missing a toe - I think Agro got that one.

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